The Pedulla Approach

Varicose vein specialist in Oklahoma City, Dr. Dominic Pedulla developed the Pedulla Approach by drawing on his more than 20 years’ experience as a triple board-certified doctor (cardiology, vein diseases, and vascular medicine)  for whom diagnosis and treatment of vascular problems was a matter of life and death. The Pedulla Approach begins with detailed ultrasonic imaging to determine exactly where the problem is. Many times, the problem is in a larger vein, even though it is smaller veins that are visible. And as a result of treating the larger vein, all or nearly all of the other veins that feed into it will improve within the next two weeks, although some of them may require additional treatment.

Once Dr. Pedulla determines where the problem is, he treats it using the gentlest technique available. With Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT® for short) there is no surgery, no incision, and no scar–just a tiny entry point, smaller than the tip of a pencil. It requires only local anesthesia. Other practices may say that they offer minimally-invasive treatment, but you will find that in many cases they will say your problem requires surgery. That is because with their approach they must still make use of a surgical procedure such as removal or some other such procedure through an incision to eliminate the bulging vein. With our approach, treatments are restricted to those which can be performed 100% from the inside of the abnormal blood vessel, so that there is absolutely no pain, inflammation, or trauma to any of the surrounding tissues, something that never can be claimed in other centers.

At Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center–100% of our procedures are minimally-invasive. This makes them even more effective because only abnormal veins are affected. Surgical techniques, even microsurgical techniques can cause new blood vessels to grow because surgical bruising triggers inflammatory stimulus that includes blood vessel growth triggers.

After all visible problems are treated, Dr. Pedulla will use his imaging expertise to look for impending problems with other veins below the skin. These are the varicose veins yet to be, which may take a year or more to surface.