Spider veins are small, dilated blood vessels that appear as bluish lines on the surface of the skin.

They typically are found on the face, but often appear on the legs as well. Spider veins may be caused by underlying varicose veins, which produce excessive pressure within the veins. This pressure causes surface veins to expand and become visible, which can be a source of embarrassment for those affected.

Women are approximately four times more likely than men to suffer from spider veins. One reason is that pregnancy is a very common cause of vein problems, including the varicose veins that can cause spider veins to appear. Hormones that circulate in the bloodstream during pregnancy can weaken vein walls, causing them to collapse and build pressure. The expansion of the uterus during pregnancy can also cause vein dysfunction that leads to the appearance of spider veins.

Treatment for Spider Veins

At the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center, Dr. Pedulla performs high-tech sclerotherapy to reduce or eliminate the appearance of spider veins. Our approach is based on the goal of keeping your discomfort to an absolute minimum. All our techniques are as minimally invasive as possible, creating a nearly painless experience for our patients.

In order to produce the best possible results, vein treatment doctor in Oklahoma City, Dr. Pedulla treats spider veins with an injection that is carefully targeted using the most technologically advanced imaging techniques available. This injection causes the affected vein to collapse, cutting off the blood flow that causes increased pressure and pain. Our advanced imaging technology allows Dr. Pedulla to perfectly target the injection to minimize the risk of complications while ensuring complete effectiveness.

Using this carefully targeted, minimally invasive technique, Dr. Pedulla can alleviate the cause of spider veins at the source in a way that is virtually painless for the patient. Most patients require very little postoperative care and can resume normal activities immediately.

A Patient-Centered Practice

At the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center, our focus is on delivering impeccable spider vein treatment results while providing the most comfortable and pain-free experience possible for you. Our process is based on a scientific survey that evaluated our patients’ experience over three years. Using this feedback, we were able to perfect our style of service and vein treatment procedures according to patients’ needs and concerns. As a result, everything about our practice is engineered with you in mind; from beginning to end, our vein treatment process is practically designed by patients themselves!

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