Reticular Veins

One noticeable sign of aging is the appearance of enlarged, reticular veins beneath the skin’s surface. The appearance of these blue or green dilated veins is the result of hereditary vein problems that cause poor circulation and high vein pressure. Reticular veins may also cause the appearance of spider veinson the surface of the skin.

While reticular veins do not typically cause the same pain and discomfort as varicose veins, they may be an unsightly reminder of the aging process. If you are embarrassed or uncomfortable with your appearance because of reticular veins, Vein doctor in Oklahoma City, Dr. Pedulla can help.

Treatment For Reticular Veins

At the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center, Dr. Pedulla has established a reputation for excellent results in vein treatment due to his fifteen years of experience as an interventional cardiologist. As a cardiologist, Dr. Pedulla learned and developed advanced techniques for vein treatment that he uses to treat vein problems such as varicose veins, spider veins, and reticular veins.

Similar to the treatment of spider veins, the treatment for reticular veins involves a carefully formulated and targeted injection that causes the affected veins to shrink and collapse. Blood flow then moves to healthy veins.

Sometimes, the best treatment for reticular veins might be to target the perforator veins or deep veinsresponsible for the excess pressure that causes reticular veins to emerge. Dr. Pedulla uses the latest in imaging technology to direct treatment to the root cause of reticular veins, eliminating the unsightly reticular vein and preventing their reappearance for up to three years.

The Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center is committed to delivering the best results possible with minimally invasive procedures that cause little or no discomfort to you, the patient. We use local anesthetics to prevent pain during injections and when incisions are necessary, they are tiny and produce little or no scarring. Your comfort is extremely important to us, and you can count on the “Ritz-Carlton” level of service from the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center.

Insurance & Financing

Because treatment of reticular veins is primarily cosmetic, your insurance company may not cover the procedure. However, the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center does everything possible to satisfy insurance company requirements.

The lack of insurance benefits should not discourage you from having your veins treated, which is why we offer attractive financing options. We care about your health as well as your financial well being, so we do our best to help our patients fit vein treatment and care into their budgets.

To learn more about treatment for reticular veins in Oklahoma City, please contact the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center for more information and a free initial consultation