Varicose Vein Treatment 101

Oklahoma City Varicose Vein Doctor

Vein Treatment 101 is an intensive, hands-on introduction to the Pedulla Approach to varicose vein treatment. The Pedulla Approach has many benefits for doctors and patients, including a short treatment procedure, only local anesthesia, no scarring, a 98% success rate, and a very low rate of recurrence.  This short course taught by varicose vein doctor in Oklahoma City, Dr. Dominic Pedulla is limited to a small number of doctors, but includes all the essentials of the Pedulla Approach, including the use of ultrasonic imagery to precisely locate the root of venous backflow, the best practices in EVLT, and appropriate follow-up to ensure success.

The course is intended for those who have or want to start a vein treatment practice and want to offer their patients a safe, scientifically-proven procedure capable of giving guaranteed results. Vein Treatment 101 includes a combination of seminars and hands-on instruction. It also includes practical advice on essentials of running a vein treatment practice, including customer service, marketing, and practice branding.

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