Our Program

Here at the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center, We are committed to providing a positive experience for you from beginning to end.

From your first encounter with us to your last, our goal will always be synonymous with our patient’s goal, all the while providing comfortable and convenient treatment. We are dedicated to medical excellence, and are so pleased to be able to bring this dedication to you!


Today, we run an authentic, patient-based practice, that revolves around our desire to bring patients exactly what they need. Because of this, we have designed a seamless experience that ensures that their goals will be known and met.

It all begins with a visit to OVEC where we discuss what needs to be done. In this consultation, our patients will be walked through every step of the way. Treatment plans will be discussed in full.


Once we have selected the best treatment for you, you may schedule an appointment for your procedure. Striving always for your comfort and convenience, we offer minimally-invasive outpatient treatment options that usually take less than an hour. Because they are so minimal, they could conceivably be done over your lunch hour!

If you are interested in OVEC, please contact us at the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center to schedule your consultation.