Meet Our Team

Dr. Pedulla wanted to be a doctor since childhood when he made hospital rounds with his father, a physician in New York City. He became an interventional cardiologist and was known for creating innovative ways to treat arteries in the heart and veins. A life-long professional passion, he brings that to his vein work and now his cardiology wellness program. When it comes to veins, he is relentlessly aiming at cosmetic perfection, while also aiming to make it the gentlest and most perfectly patient-friendly experience possible.

Dr. Pedulla enjoys his nine children and five grandchildren and all the wonderful joys and challenges that brings.

He isn’t satisfied professionally until his patients are happy!


Mary, being the daughter of Dr. Pedulla, has been around the medical profession for as long as she can remember.

Studying biology and art at two liberal arts schools, she has a passion for what is beautiful. She loves to make anything an art, ranging from her own baking business while only a freshman in high school to selling large paintings of her own artwork.

Here at the office, she enjoys most making patients feel welcome and at home while working on promoting OVEC to people who are in need. She attributes this empathy to the times when Dr. Pedulla would bring five-year-old Mary on hospital rounds just to cheer up his older patients. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she gets married in December!


DaShun, who has been with OVEC for three years now, could not have been a better match for our team!

As our new patient coordinator, he is usually the first person our patients really get to know. Because of this role, he gets to experience the whole process right alongside them. DaShun’s favorite part of this is being able to know the patient well, so he can put them first.

As our team continues to grow, Dashun and Dr. Pedulla still have this noticeably hilarious alliance, being the only two males in the office. Moreover, he keeps the office always laughing.

Dashun is a devoted husband to his wife and three children. He loves nothing more than the opportunity to spend time with them as they participate in their activities and hobbies.


Esther has been in the world of medicine for 5 years now, and could not love it more.

As a medical assistant for Dr. Pedulla, she has found that her favorite part about medicine is getting to make a difference in someone’s life, and being able to build genuine relationships with patients one visit at a time.

Because of this, she has decided to go on to get her RN!

While that is certainly keeping her busy, she still believes family is the most important aspect of her life. Esther has been married to her high school sweetheart for seven years, and is the proud mommy of two beautiful little girls.