About OVEC

The Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center is one of Oklahoma’s premier
varicose vein and circulation treatment facilities. We got there through a
thorough commitment to the five pillars of great vein care service:


Commitment (1)
OVEC offers our patient a magnificent and extraordinary vein care experience unmatched anywhere in our region. The OVEC team is absolutely committed to providing the best patient care and service.

Commitment (2)
OVEC goes farther than ordinary vein centers in harnessing the power of our imaging technology to eliminate incisions and scars, being minimally invasive and maximally effective. We focus 100% on the abnormal, troublesome veins precisely and selectively as to not traumatize the tissues and structures around those veins.

Commitment (3)
As an Oklahoma City vein specialist, Dr. Pedulla’s background as an interventional cardiologist board certified in vein care, vascular medicine, Cardiology, and internal medicine gave him a 20-year head start on designing unique solutions to blood vessel problems in his patients. For this reason, Dr. Pedulla has been sought after for vein care training by other doctors seeking to enter the field. Dr. Pedulla’s training, educational background and intense passion for innovation will ensure that the patient will have the most ground-breaking and excellent vein procedures available anywhere.

Commitment (4)
OVEC has a uniquely developed therapeutic procedure engineered to overcome the usual barriers to success in vein patients. Dr. Pedulla has fashioned a unique therapeutic procedural approach specifically for maximizing success and minimizing recurrence, all while providing the gentlest and most comfortable experience available anywhere.

Commitment (5)
Here at OVEC, we treat patients the way we would want to be treated or would want a member of our family to be treated.