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Imagine an experience just to meet your goals! We pledge to go the extra mile to make your procedure painless and most effective. We are happy to offer several different treatment plans with completely different techniques so each of our patients receive a tailored fit.

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The Pedulla


The Pedulla Approach begins with detailed ultrasonic imaging to determine exactly where the problem is. Many times, the problem is in a larger vein, even though it is smaller veins that are visible. And as a result of treating the larger vein, all or nearly all of the other veins that feed into it will improve within the next two weeks, although some of them may require additional treatment.

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Our Story is Awesome

Our passion is being able to give the people that walk through our door exactly what they need so that they leave completely satisfied. The quadruple board certified Dr. Pedulla has made it his mission to always be a student of the art of medicine so that patients will always receive the highest quality treatment. This allows us to offer the most refined treatments, coupled with perfected technique.

After 4 board certifications in different specialty areas of medicine, Dr. Pedulla is the most diverse vein specialists in North America. He is board certified in phlebology, cardiology, internal medicine, and vascular medicine. This brings a vast variety of possibilities to the table when taking care of patients. This pairs extremely well with the natural innovative spirit he has for medicine. Patients get more than high-quality treatment; they also receive peace of mind, knowing that their doctor is qualified in ways that are truly unheard of.


One may not be surprised to hear that Dr. Pedulla has always been a devout follower of the arts, so he understands that getting rid of problematic veins is more of an art than just a procedure. Dr. Pedulla believes that proper medicine is an art form, and continues to show everyone at OVEC that. To return the body to it's healthiest state is how we at OVEC venture to make medicine an art in our practice. When we see spider veins or other problematic veins disappear instantly from under the skin, our views are solidified.


Dr Pedulla has done more vein procedures than nearly any single vein doctor in North America in the last decade. Always seeking to deepen his understanding, he has attended countless professional seminars and conferences all over the world. Here at OVEC, we can count on the fact that we have the latest, most comprehensive patient care. We don't plan on stopping this innovative learning anytime soon!